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LiveJournal for say good bye to your photograph life....

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Posted by:dancingcow.
Time:11:44 pm.
alright ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. i'm sorry if this seems a little bit off topic, but a lot of people in this community live in seattle and are supportive of local music. this show is happening IN seattle to raise money for a local music magazine!
my friends alina and megan are putting on this amazing show as a benefit for our amazing zine called SHTICK. the show is going to be wonderful but only if YOU ALL ARE THERE. plus, not only should you come, you should bring everyone you know. seriously. like your bus driver. or your annoying co-worker. BRING THEM.
and as if all those great bands aren't enough to entice you to come here's another reason to come: vendetta red's very own zach davidson will be playing bass for sameer shukla at this show. garrett from the divorce will be playing drums, and shane from dolour will be playing piano.

show flyerCollapse )

Some By Sea, Sameer Shukla (back up band including zach davidson of vendetta red and garrett lunceford of the divorce), Suretoss, The Purrs, The Conversation Heart, and Pixel.

FRIDAY! January 28th, 8 p.m., $8. @ Catwalk. Benefit for Shtick* and birthday show for Megan!

i hope to see a million smiling faces and dancing bodies at this show.
we love you all.

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Sunday, January 9th, 2005

Posted by:under0pressure.
Time:4:53 pm.
Well Hey all,

As you all have hear BSM are officially over so my time has come to leave this community, if any of you want to add me just for the hell of it you all know my LJ. It was great while it last, but good bye.

The Mod

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Subject:attn mod
Posted by:sinceyesterday.
Time:4:21 pm.
the photo of jerry in the profile for this community was taken by me. please remove it. thank you.

melissa milton
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Saturday, January 8th, 2005

Subject:Pictures from last nights show...
Posted by:sleazypolaroidz.
Time:1:28 pm.
Mood: blah.






<33 Ashley.

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Monday, January 3rd, 2005

Subject:Last Show
Posted by:broken_spoon.
Time:4:37 pm.
Blue Sky Mile's last show is THIS FRIDAY. Starts at 8:00pm and costs $7. It's at The Paradox (1401 NW Leary Way, Seattle) and features Kane Hodder, The Cops & Patrol.
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Monday, December 20th, 2004

Posted by:broken_spoon.
Time:2:00 pm.
Sorry about that Andrew. Hate to say it but we really messed up big time and
we want to apologize profusely - particularly for not posting the show
cancellation on the site. Regretfully, the reason we didn't play was because
BSM is no more.

That's right, one final show at the Paradox in a few weeks and that's it.

Sorry to have to break the news. Take care my man.

Kevin & BSM
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Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

Posted by:under0pressure.
Time:6:22 am.
rocky votolato, slender means, blue sky mile
redmond firehouse
december 17th

Kevin is the awesomeness!

I expect to see yal!

-The mod aka Emily
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Monday, November 8th, 2004

Posted by:under0pressure.
Time:6:37 pm.
Okay well since I am incredibly lazy I will just post the whole email Kevin sent me.

Just have one show announcement. We're playing with the Pale in Bellingham on Saturday, November 20th. The show is at the WWU Viking Union Lounge, all ages, 7 pm with guests Autumn Poetry and Typical Ace.

Other than that, we have a pretty awesome show lined up for the Old Firehouse in Redmond in December but I don't have all the specifics yet. It promises to be a good one though and I'll let you know before I post it on the website. Give you the inside scoop!

We're still busy writing and trying to get material together for our next record. Fun, fun!

What's new with you?

Kevin & BSM

Hope that was a bit informative come on lets get this community alive and kickin again!

-The Mod
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Saturday, November 6th, 2004

Posted by:under0pressure.
Time:11:37 am.
okay well from latest updates on the site seems like blue sky mile is busy working on their new album and I am not quite sure what is going on in a few moments I am going to email them just out of curiousity of what they are planning.

So sorry this community has not been updated in a while. :( I just hope we hear something soon.

The Mod.
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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Posted by:dancingcow.
Time:12:11 pm.
this community hasn't been substantially updated in a while so i figured i'd post this:

alright, so you're wondering why the hell we don't ever update this thing, right? well, you can take your lousy complaints to the management because we here at camp bsm could give a crap. no, seriously we've been on a little hiatus from shows and such to recharge the batteries and contemplate the finer things in life like chicken nuggets, gum from the underside of desks, and the time-space continuum. we're busy writing lots of new stuff though so all is not lost. don't fret, we're gonna be seeing you soon and we intend to please with the latest and greatest installment of bsm show tunes. ex-oh ex-oh ex-oh

from the website

does anybody know if there are any shows scheduled in the near future, though? there's none on the site, but a lot of times they just forget to post them.
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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004

Posted by:_lover_liar.
Time:9:09 pm.
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Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

Posted by:psycho_redhead.
Time:4:21 pm.
I'd really like to find the lyrics from both albums. Does anyone know where I can find them? I searched around and couldn't find anything.
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Sunday, September 26th, 2004

Posted by:bitemylip_.
Time:10:56 am.
Such a good show last night! I came with like 3 people who had never seen them before, they loved it too! I was kind of frustrated with the crowd though, because the first row was people who weren't dancing or moving at all, and so me and all my friends were stuck behind them dancing our asses off, and they were just standing there! Argh!!!!!!!! But that's okay, because Jerry always sings with me and my friends anyway. And I got a song for me! Woot! I'm such a little girl. That's okay. Anyone else there?
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Monday, August 23rd, 2004

Posted by:dancingcow.
Time:9:54 pm.
Holy mother of all that is good and pure.

To be announced tomorrow but let's just give it away here:


The Stranger presents

Vendetta Red & The Divorce w/ Blue Sky Mile

Graceland Seattle

I don't even have words to say. I am the most excited girl in the ENTIRE world.
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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

Posted by:bitemylip_.
Time:11:08 pm.
Pictures from last Saturday's show at Ground Zero. Taken by Karina, because my camera decided to die in the middle of Kissing Tigers' set. Uhm, all but one of these are Jerry, I really don't know why...don't ask me, I didn't take them. I think it's because Karina was trying to get a good shot of me and Megan singing with Jerry, which happens a lot because we are totally fucking cool like that. So the blonde hair is me, and the darker curly hair is megan. Yep.

and I hope you can forget meCollapse )
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Thursday, August 12th, 2004

Posted by:telecvokning.
Time:12:36 am.
i'm new to this community (if anyone really cares :D) and i just wanted to say hi!
blue sky mile are quite a new band to me and i found them accidentally through internet when i was browsing some website made for indie bands in seattle. i tried to look for their cd but apparently it's out of stock. damn :( nothing ever gets to finland anyways.
oh well, bye for now!
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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

Posted by:bitemylip_.
Time:11:16 am.
when does the show this saturday at ground zero site? can't find it on ANY of the bands' sites, ground zero site never updates, and its not a sardonic sounds show so it's not there either...everyone should go, kissing tigers is the greatest band ever...
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Saturday, July 31st, 2004

Posted by:bitemylip_.
Time:10:02 am.
Hey, I'm gonna promote the hell outta this community right now (or maybe tonight, I'm on a friend's mac and I'm not used to it and I'm confused). I will make a layout later tonight. I was waiting for pictures from last night's show, but I never took any, because why take pictures when you can dance your ass off? Oh and what happened to me being co-mod? Do I still get to be? EDIT: Okay, I only got through promoting to a few people, I will more later.
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Posted by:under0pressure.
Time:2:24 am.

I won't follor you down, thereCollapse )

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Friday, July 30th, 2004

Posted by:under0pressure.
Time:11:28 pm.
Oi the show at the firehouse for BSM was awesome I took bunches of pictures and got to talk to Jerry and Kevin. Just all around awesome I will post pictures tomorrow after work! They are awesome especially Kevin, for just being awesome with following through with everything! I love you all!

Emily - The mod!
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LiveJournal for say good bye to your photograph life....

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View:Website (Blue sky mile).
You're looking at the latest 20 entries. Missed some entries? Then simply jump back 20 entries.